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Monday, 03 December 2007

Image First off, we should make clear that the facilitators of this site are also the publishers of bastrenKL -- KL's first integrated public transport map guide. As far as possible, we'll try to take the perspective of the average KL public transport user in the writing of this news piece however :-)

The fact in any case is that, there is being printed 40,000 copies of bastrenKL, a map guide which depicts routes for all forms of public transport in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley... yes, not just RapidKL! :-)

Is it really the first? As far as we know, there have been 2 other similar exercises: one done by DBKL (sold for RM5) but that was very schematic, and another called Walkabout, published by Malaysia-on-Call, which mainly shows bus tables. So if you've been waiting to see a fully integrated and to scale map of all public transport services in the Klang Valley (as they commonly have in most other cities), check bastrenKL out!

Some would argue that we shouldn't compare ourselves with "developed cities" like London, Paris, New York, etc. Well guess what, even smaller towns which wouldn't be able to boast of buildings higher than 30 stories, like Bandung, have got not one but two forms of public transport maps. And yes, so do Bangkok, Beijing, and of course Singapore. That's why, as publishers, we thought it was high time that Kuala Lumpur had one as well. Of course, there have been significant hurdles to achieving this, which probably accounts for why it never really existed in the first place.

One main hurdle has been the impermanence of services and thus service information, even from government-appointed operator RapidKL. Which is why we will be putting up any updates in service information on the web, and we will be putting them up here in this website, since whatever affects service information is also content for this site, which is vectordesigns' public transport interest group site. There is also an errata page, where you can get clarification on mistakes and misprints, on the company's site.

For now, the print run is calling and we shall update you more on relevant information to do with bastrenKL and any service updates within the last week or so, very soon...

Salam muhibbah... :-)

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