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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

More than 4 million passengers per week use public transport in Kuala Lumpur & the Klang Valley (source: RapidKL). These include tourists, employees, shoppers, commuters, civil servants, students, housewives, pensioners and more! These buses and trains are operated by more than 20 operators, including RapidKL, KTM Komuter, Monorail, ERL, Metrobus, SJ Bus, Transnasional, minibuses and more.


Among the train (or urban rail) lines, the LRT, KTM Komuter and KLIA Transit & Ekspres connect greater Kuala Lumpur (KL) with KL city centre. The Monorail runs within the city centre only. All lines meet at interchange stations.

The buses are operated by large government-appointed company RapidKL (also runs LRTs) & smaller private companies. Like the trains, most buses connect greater KL with KL city centre. These are RapidKL's Utama buses (route numbers prefixed by "U") & most other buses run by companies like Metrobus and SJ Bus. Nearly all converge at a few points in the city centre.

Buses circulating within KL city centre are RapidKL Bandar buses (prefixed by "B"). They run between city hubs located at the edge of the city centre. At these hubs, you can transfer to other buses such as RapidKL Utama buses.

Buses which take you directly (with minimal stops) from KL to satellite cities like Klang and Kajang are RapidKL Ekspres buses (prefixed by "E") and buses run by other companies like Sri Indah and Cityliner.

Buses that circulate around suburbs are RapidKL Tempatan buses (prefixed by "T") and minibuses. They meet up with RapidKL Utama and other buses at hubs located at suburban centres.


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