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RapidKL U35 and U36 -- "new" or "copycat" routes? PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Another "new" route -- U35 from Pandan Indah to Sri Kota -- was announced by RapidKL on its website. 

However, it looks like this route is another one (can't remember exactly which other ones but they've done it before) which basically "cannibalises" or takes over the route of other operators, in this case Metrobus' and SJ Bus' Route number 30.

Not sure if those are still running but this looks like another case of RapidKL going back from the progressive hub-and-spoke mix-and-match trunk-feeder to the original all-head-back-to-the-city-centre strategy, which doesn't make it very different from the old style of Intrakota and Cityliner companies, which it absorbed several years back.

One case in point here is "new route" U332, which is basically T332 (Lembah Jaya Utara - Ampang Point) lengthened to go all the way into Chow Kit now.  

"New" route RapidKL U36 is also very similar to Metrobus' and SJ Bus' route number 32, which runs from Kampung Pandan Dalam to Chow Kit, except that RapidKL's U36 starts a bit earlier at Taman Dagang, near its Ampang LRT station.

Like it or not? What do you think? Apparently commuters like to sit in the bus and not have to do an interchange. I would hazard however that if changing cuts down your overall waiting and travel time by say 40%, I would certainly prefer to do an interchange then. 

 Especially for commuters with children or in wheelchairs, I would say it's easy enough to hop on to a fast urban rail line once you're at the outskirts of the city, wouldn't you?

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