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Sunday, 18 September 2011
Dear Admin
Good Day
I would like to find out if there is any direct bus from PJ,Kelana Jaya area to Klang.What is the best way to travel to Klang from PJ using public transport

< ANSWER: If you're coming from within Kelana Jaya town itself (say the SS5 area) is to take RapidKL bus U84 heading to KL (Pasar Seni area). This will go via Jln 222 to Federal Highway.
When it reaches Asia Jaya, cross the Federal Highway. From here there are several buses that go to Klang: RapidKL E4, Metrobus 33, Metrobus 37B, Wawasan Sutera 99, and Cityliner 710 or 730.

If you're looking at Kelana Jaya near the LDP, you can take RapidKL U43 down the LDP to the Sunway exit of Federal Highway. From there, cross over the LDP on to the Federal Highway heading to Klang. You can take the buses above or the KTM Komuter at Setia Jaya station to Klang.

If it's other parts of Kelana Jaya, the routes are different. Let me know if that's the case.

Re what's the best way to travel using public transport, I've used the KTM Komuter which is not bad, and also buses which can get hot.
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