RapidKL's Bus U83 (Jln Duta - KL Sentral)
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Thursday, 11 November 2010

The bus route U83 between KL Sentral and Kompleks Kerajaan Duta via Damansara Heights has finally been reflected in the latest RapidKL website. On the road itself, it does exist although its frequencies have really been whittled down to very selected times.
Check out the timetable, as pasted at KL Sentral.
Here's the bus stopping at Plaza Damansara.
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As shared very helpfully by a woman waiting to take the bus, it seems to be relatively consistent for the bus to KL Sentral to be expected at 4.45pm at the stop on Jalan Setia Murni just after the turn off with Jalan Setia Murni 5, with code DH1, opposite the Guardian Pharmacy. In fact there was a small army of service personnel (a.k.a. maids and cleaners working the surrounding mansions) who showed enough faith in the bus' arrival to wait at the stop at this time!


A few weeks later, I tried actually taking RapidKL's U83 from Plaza Mont Kiara to Bukit Damansara. I needed to go to the post office in Plaza Mont Kiara.

My big challenge was getting over to the other side of the big highway which links to the Penchala Link tunnel -- all one sees normally are the huge concrete ribbons that criss cross each other between Desa Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara. I was determined to try my luck however as luck would have it, there was a pedestrian crossing of sorts of the road underneath the highway, at the traffic lights where traffic stops to turn right into Mont Kiara.

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From there on however was another challenge of actually getting into Desa Sri Hartamas (to eventually reach Sri Hartamas where the U83 bus stopped).

Trust human ingenuity however -- the pedestrian pioneer makes trails out of necessity and indeed there was a path of sorts underneath the flyover that connected to some dishevelled steps which actually threw you out to a no man's land behind the Shell station (where the Modestos used to be).



From there it's an easy walk down the little triangle of Desa Sri Hartamas (which is turning out to be a veritable Little Korea) though the rest of the trip crossing into the old part of Sri Hartamas was less pleasurable. The land outside the Glomac development had clumps of earth spilling out all over the sidewalk and one was forced to walk on the road. This is definitely not "walkable KL"!

Once over into the old part of Sri Hartamas on the road leading to Plaza Damas, I set up my watch at the bus stop just before the traffic lights, prepared to wait some time. After some waiting, the bus turned up at the bus stop opposite the playground on Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 from Plaza Damas at about 10:40am.

By the way, you won't get this information from RapidKL's phone helpline (I tried) nor its website. Official releases always shy away from giving too much details -- perhaps so they'll be less beholden to them?

FYI, the fare to KL Sentral from Sri Hartamas is RM1.90 and the fare to Plaza Damansara was RM1.
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